Today we re-launched Tschitschereengreen.com (where i’m currently working) with a new web2.0-like design. I did most of the XHTML/CSS stuff and some code fixes.
There’re still some small bugs, but i hope i can fix them next weekend.


Why i’m writing this here? Because the site runs on symfony ;-)


Doktus launched

August 20, 2007

logo.pngI’m currently working in Dresden doing some pretty cool stuff for Tschitschereengreen.
Last Week we launched Doktus – a document sharing plattform developed with Symfony.

We replaced Zend_Search_Lucene with Sphinx, so that search performance got a huge speedup.
Generally speaking Zend_Search_Lucene isn’t bad, i had some nice conversations with Alexander Veremyev (Main Developer of ZSL), but the search still has some serious performance issues with indexing and searching large document sets.
Sphinx on the other hand is simply awesome, you might want to take a look at their website to see all the features. Development is also very active and the upcoming 0.9.8 release looks very promising.

The Flash uploader (which uses SWFUpload Revision 5) was also quite a bit of work, especially with Flash Player behaving different on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X.
For those people that doesn’t like Flash (like myself :-P), there’s a build-in fallback form which still let’s you upload a document.

What’s also pretty cool is all the small AJAX stuff we implemented. We’re using Prototype and script.aculo.us since Symfony already provides very useful helpers for this libraries.
Take for example the categories, the pagination or the sorting of documents, everything is AJAXified ;-)

Development is still ongoing so expect some more cool stuff to come.

guidebook_translate_books_264580_l.jpgI recently translated AndrĂ©ia Bohner’s CLI cheat sheet in german. You can find the JPG and PDF version of the german translation in this post.

Thanks Andréia for creating the cheat sheet in the first place and the kind emails.