sfReCaptchaPlugin update to 1.0.2

October 7, 2007

captchahomepage.gifI just released a new version of the sfReCaptchaPlugin.
It updates the recaptcha-php library to version 1.9 (unfortunately there is no changelog available), fixes a problem in the example module where in some cases an error would’ve been thrown if no text was submitted and updates the documentation.

The most notably change to the recaptcha-php library is that constants are now used instead of globaly declared variables, so that the version included in the plugin doesn’t need to be modified anymore – which is great in terms of maintenance.

To upgrade your existing installation, just execute the following command:

symfony plugin-upgrade

Please go to the symfony-wiki page for more information.


4 Responses to “sfReCaptchaPlugin update to 1.0.2”

  1. mephis1987 Says:

    Hi there
    I m a sfReCaptchaPlugin user. I want to inform you sth about how to implement the plugin. At the first time, I implemented the plugin by using the first method according to the wiki:

      public function executeIndex()
        // load recaptcha library
        if (!function_exists('recaptcha_get_html')) {
          require_once (sfConfig::get('sf_plugins_dir').'/sfReCaptchaPlugin/lib/recaptchalib.php');
        if ($this->getRequest()->getMethod() == sfRequest::POST) {
          // captcha correct; do whatever you want here
          return sfView::SUCCESS;
      public function handleErrorIndex()
        return sfView::SUCCESS;

    As you can see there is no problem with executeIndex() method, but when I tried to make some errors to have handleErrorIndex(), it says Fatal error: Call to undefined function recaptcha_get_html()
    It is obvious that I did not include the library in the error handling method, but I m not willing to copy&paste the code again so I decided to add it to the helper (the second usage)

    I hope you will update the wiki or somehow upgrade the plugin to make it perfect. ;-)

  2. Hi. I stumbled across your web site while I was looking for something completely unrelated. While I do not agree with some of what you said we do have almost the same thoughts by and large. I have bookmarked your web site and may visit again in the near future to see what you are blogging about in 2010!

  3. Eqicbouj Says:

    animated angel wings,

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