Tschitschereengreen.com re-launched

August 26, 2007


Today we re-launched Tschitschereengreen.com (where i’m currently working) with a new web2.0-like design. I did most of the XHTML/CSS stuff and some code fixes.
There’re still some small bugs, but i hope i can fix them next weekend.


Why i’m writing this here? Because the site runs on symfony ;-)


4 Responses to “Tschitschereengreen.com re-launched”

  1. Francois Says:

    That’s great – although the url you’ve given doesn’t respond.

    Once it’s online, perhaps you’d like to add this site to the list of symfony-powered websites in the symfony wiki?

  2. Arthur Koziel Says:

    I was planning to do that – it’s just that we have a little problem with our webserver that we’re currently trying to fix.

    I really hope we can fix it!

  3. Arthur Koziel Says:

    It should work now.

  4. sumpfbiber Says:

    Haha, how did you come up on the name tschitschereen? :-D
    Is this a swiss web development team or are you international? The site’s design is looking phenomenal professional to me anyway! :-)

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