Webnedvizhimost launched

June 6, 2007

webned_logo.jpgLast weekend we launched webnedvizhimost.com/.ru, a real estate portal for Russia and Ukraine – developed with symfony.

One of the interesting parts is the i18n of the website, you can switch between English and Russian (on the top right). Thanks to the XLIFF support in symfony, managing translations has been very easy.

But there’s one feature that, for me, has made a _really_ huge difference – to sync the local directory with the server directory via rsync.
It has made deploying updates so much easier and faster. Honestly, even when writing this blog post i noticed a validation error on the frontpage, 10 seconds and a “symfony sync production go” later this was fixed.

But there’s more to come. There will be a shop which lets you buy more object and yellow page entries. You’ll also be able to buy “top objects days” which basically give you the possibility to make your object a top object for a specific timeframe.

Stay tuned.


One Response to “Webnedvizhimost launched”

  1. Holger Says:

    Good job, bladus! :)

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